Echo Location ‘Walkshop’, 12th November

The 4th walk in 4 days – out and about Bedford recording sounds… what fun. Today we had another enthusiastic group of people come together with a thirst for interesting sounds. We took ourselves down to the river where we noticed that the cygnets made ‘snorting’ sounds when you got up close to them… we roamed through the market and made our way to the auction house to get some recordings of the rhythmic sound-poems of the auctioneers. Everyone was up for trying to find unusual sounds, so we popped into a barbers to record hair clippers, into the post office for ‘cashier number 7’, into Lidl for tills and trolleys, we invested 60p to hear the pay & display meter give us a ticket, were relaxed at the sounds of windchimes at Froggy’s gifts and invited a waiter from ‘Chef Beijing’ to speak a bit of Mandarin for us… for which we are most grateful! Thanks everyone for a great day!… here are some pictures – … unfortunately donuts resting on pillars don’t make sounds, but hats off for checking…

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