BCA recording soundwalk

The first event will take place with Friday in Bedford with the board members of Bedford Creative Arts. This will be a test drive of an Echo Location walk, and we will be exploring Bedford with various types of sound recording equipment and then uploading our recordings them to the map. There will be a series of walks in Bedford over the summer, including one at the busking festival on the weekend of July 24th, and one that focusses on the parklands and watery areas.  Both should reveal interesting, and possibly contrasting soundscape.

By creating these sound maps, we are interested in mapping the changes in our sonic environment over time, and to enliven people’s imagination by listening more closely to the world around us.┬áJohn Cage said his favourite composition was the one that surrounds us all this time, all we have to do is open our ears and listen

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  1. Mike Paul says:

    I went on the first walk and it was such fun working with Kathy and everyone on the walk. Seeing Bedford in a new light or rather sound. When you use sight for getting around you miss so much. Who would have said so much of Bedford was quiet after standing on the Midland Road or outside a shop blaring music.

    When you see the map you know where the sounds come from, the cashpoint is me, and then play the map. What a wonderful way of experiencing Bedford as a new art work which has started already.

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